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First interview (Rabbi Arnie Sleutelberg)
Discussion with Lorelei (administrator) about feasibility of web site: Jewish
Discussions with Sarah Chisholm and Herschel Poger about instruction to CST high school students

Training for CST high school students: 1/25, 2/1, 2/8, 2/29, 3/7, 3/21
Interview with William Hoffman (student Adena Collins)
2 interviews on site
Website development
Preparation for opening of site

October 8, 2017 Opening of site & presentation: Advantages/Disadvantages of Oral History/Overview of JJ project
Interviewer training:
Participants: Larry Boocker, Cary Levy, Stacy Ziegenfelder, Brian Yamstein, Mary Chezick, Cary Levy, Carolyn Comai
5 interviews collected (end of training of interviewers)
December: 9 interviews collected

Meetings with Interviewers: Larry Boocker, Cary Levy, Stacy Ziegenfelder
Development of themes
Classification of interviews by eight themes:
Anti-Semitism, Conversion, Doctrine, Holocaust, Immigration, Jewish Gentile Relations, Observance, Upbringing
Dena Scher awarded: Ahavat Safa Kedosha Award (Lovers of the Holy Tongue) by Congregation Shir Tikvah
November: 18 interviews on site

January: 25 interviews collected (interviewers: Larry Boocker, Cary Levy, Dena Scher, Stacy Ziegenfelder)
February 1, 2019: JJ Shabbat—Reb Aura, Cary Levy & Dena Scher
Discussion of transcripts & attempts to raise donations for transcripts
Use of online service (Fiverr) for some transcripts
Continued work on getting index or transcript for each interview

May: 26 interviews collected
June: 28 interviews collected

August: 30 interviews collected
Accounting started

Transition to new website
Work with Lorelei on making a web page for each inteviewee
Continued transcriptions or index for each interviewee
Addition of individual pages with transcript or index for each interviewee

Discussion of ideas for presentations
November: 30 interviews collected; 25 on JJ web site

30 interviews on JJ website
Website enhancements: Complete Interviews page is index, individual pages for each interviewee contains audio interview and index or transcript
Jan 14: Cary Levy--program on Jewish Journeys for
"Lunch and Learn" Congregation Shir Tikvah

Preparation of panel proposal for OHA (Oral History Association) annual national conference in Baltimore, October 2020.
Acceptance of panel: The Quest for Religious Minority Identity: Jewish Journeys for 2020 National conference of Oral History Association.
October 20, Virtual Presentation of Panel: 
The Quest for Religious Minority Identity: Jewish Journeys
Introduction to Congregation Shir Tikvah collection: Dena Scher
Themes of Jewish Identity Oral History: Identity, Relationships, and Global Impact: Cary Levy
The Big Tallit: Jewish Identity: Dena Scher 
Jewish/Gentile Relations: Paying it Forward! Cary Levy
Chair: Dena Scher
Commentator: Rabbi Arnie Sleutelberg,


Larry Boocker (11):
Ahuvia, Boocker, L. Bruer, M. Bruer, Fraymovich, Gruca, Klaper, Schreiber, A. Starr, Paul Wenig, Phyllis Wenig
Cary Levy (9):
Bernstein, Bose,  Comai, Caytak, Kovacs, Rubin, Scher, R. Starr, Zachman
Dena Scher (6): Crowe, Lev, Levy, Sleutelburg, Tauber, Thams
Stacy Ziegenfelder (4): Michelin, Silverman, Spitzer, Walker
Carolyn Comai (2): Greenwald, Isenberg
One each: Mary Chezick/E. Chezick, Adeena Collins/Hoffman, , Brian Yamstein/Yamron

September 2020: 35 interviews

Rabbi Arnie Sleutelberg was our first interviewee in 2015. Here is a snippet of his family’s incredible history.

If you would like to hear the complete interview, please click here.

Thu, March 4 2021 20 Adar 5781