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Prayer Melodies

At CST, we use a variety of melodies during Services and we are always adding more. A compact disc was recorded of many of our traditional melodies, generally used during Bar/Bat Mitzvah Services. You can hear them by clicking on the play button, or right-click on the track to download it.

The tracks for our most recent B'nai Mitzvah Handbook (2018) recorded by Rabbi Aura Ahuvia are found below:

Tallit Blessing
Bar’chu: The Call to Prayer
El Adon A Cappella
El Adon with Guitar
Tzur Yis-ra-el
Prayers at the Ark
Blessings before Torah
Blessings after Torah
Blessings before Haftarah
Blessings after Haftarah

If you are interested in hearing tracks from a previously recorded album by Rabbi Arnie Sleutelberg, our Rabbi Emeritus, please click here.


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