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Paul Wenig

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Interviewee: Paul Wenig
Interviewer: Larry Boocker
Interview Date: December 20, 2017
Location: Troy, MI
Interview No.: 12.20.17-PaulW (audio digital file)
(approximate total length  37 minutes)

Themes: Jewish Identity, Anti-Semitism, Doctrine

Summary: Paul Wenig is a retired doctor who served in the military during the Vietnam era. He is currently active in CST’s Torah study group.

Citation form:
Broocker, L. (Interviewer) & Wenig, P. (Interviewee). (2018). Paul Wenig: Jewish Journeys [Interview Index]. Retrieved from Jewish Journeys Oral History Collection of Congregation Shir Tikvah web site: /cstoralhistoryarchive       


Note:  Counter index corresponds to track times when loaded into VLC

00:00   Childhood in Brooklyn and Jewish education

03:00   Resentment of his Jewish education.  Disinterest in services as a child. 

05:00   Change in family’s Jewish practice, becoming less observant.  Bar Mitzvah.

10:00   Father was a tombstone engraver.

11:35   Decision to pursue a medical career.  Medical school. Living as a Jew in Kansas City.

14:50   Being a cultural Jew.  Anti-Semitism (story of landlady looking for horns), Death of father. Trouble raising tuition. Helped by doctor in town.

19:00   Service in the military including being Jewish in Vietnam.  Lack of anti-Semitism in the military.

24:30   Return to civilian life.  Dating Jews and non-Jews.  Mother’s disapproval of dating non-Jews.

28:00 Family life.  Raising Jewish children.  Becoming Reform.  Founding CST.

31:30 Current Jewish beliefs and practices.  Still a cultural/secular Jew.  Studying Jewish texts as history.  Value of synagogue for study and community.


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