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Sam Boocker





Interviewee: Sam Boocker

Interviewer: Larry Boocker
Interview Date: November 5, 2017
Location: Southfield, MI
Interview No.: 11.05.17-SB (audio digital file)
(Approximate total length: 52 minutes)

Themes:Jewish Identity, Immigration, Jewish Gentile Relations, Upbringing 
Summary: Sam Boocker is the son of immigrants who grew up in a mixed neighborhood.  He’s always had a strong Jewish identity including fluency in Yiddish.


Note:  Counter index corresponds to track times when loaded into VLC

00:00   Mother’s life in Eastern Europe and immigration to America

03:08   Family’s life in Detroit and ownership of a candy store  

05:40   Relations with non-Jewish community

07:30   Jewish observance. Importance of tradition

10:50   Belief in God. Grandmother’s difficult life and her piety 

17:00   Personal faith.  Religious education 

19:00   Parent’s feelings about conflict between religious observance and business 

21:30   Parent’s views on life in America

23:00 Jewish vs. American identity.  Early school experiences

26:50 Jewish culture.  Friendship with Rabbi’s son

28:30 Restrictions due to Jewish life.  Independence in teen years.  Working in shoe store

32:00   Bar Mitzvah.  Changing neighborhood

35:20 High school years.  Relations with black students

42:20 College.  Teaching as a profession.  Parents views on college and teaching

46:00 Anti-Semitism in employment

48:20   Current views on Jewish/American identity.  Siblings’ views on the same topic

Mon, April 12 2021 30 Nisan 5781